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Ancient Perfume Recipes - Smell like an Egyptian

Smell like an Egyptian


Grind up 270g of reed roots, Acorus Calamus, Lemongrass, Pistachio Nuts, Cinnamon, Mint and wood of the Myrtle Tree.  Separately grind up 270g of Juniper Berries, Chaerphyllum (a green leafy herb) and Cyperus Longus roots, equivalent to Spanish "horchata".  Mix the two powders together and combine with Grape Wine.  Leave to sit for one day.  Bring 1.2kg of incense and 3kg of honey to boil and reduce to 3.36kg.  Add 1kg of ground myrrh.  Mould into round balls about one centimeter in diameter.  Put the perfume in a long pipe and burn. 

Egyptian Perfume :  Make your own

Are you dying to capture the ancient essence of regal Egyptian Pharaohs?  Thanks to an archeological find and some hieroglyphic deciphering, the solid perfume ball Kyphi, is no longer just for mummies, this ancient scent was used by ancient rulers such as Nefertiti and Tutankhamun.   

After six years of research the cosmetic manufacturer L'Oreal released the ancient recipe based on knowledge of oils found in toiletry vessels looted by Napoleon's forces, together with inscriptions of recipes found on ancient Egyptian temple walls.  The product would have been burnt over charcoal 4000 years ago, and not applied to the skin, the ancient method creates a primary aroma of lemongrass followed by the scent of peppermint then juniper berries and cinnamon.  It would slowly soak into your skin as you burn the scent.
Ancient Egyptians used three methods of releasing fragrance.  Perhaps the oldest method was via burning.  This technique is evoked and recalled in the modern word perfume, literally "through smoke".  Fragrant materials could also be added to oils or to animal fats (goose, pork or ox), or fruit pastes, like the legendary kyphi, a temple fragrance, which was based on raisins.  These fragrances would look and feel different from what we call perfume today.
Perfume Oils sold in my eBay store are PURE ESSENTIAL OILS and contains NO ALCOHOL and safe to send via Australia Post or International Post.    This type of oil is used as a base in commercial perfumes and other products, with most of these scents having remedial/therapeutic properties, such as :-
CAMPHOR = anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, cardiac, diuretic, insecticide, laxative, stimulant.
SANDALWOOD = aids meditation, builds confidence.
MORE details coming soon in other Guides. 


Tutankhamun's Perfume

One quarter cup of Coconut Oil
6 drops of essential oil of Spikenard
6 drops of essential oil of Frankincense
Blend liquid oil with essential oils, place in a container and leave to stand at room temperature until it hardens. This recipe is ideal for mature skin, minimizing wrinkles and delaying signs of aging.
A variation is to substitute with a thinner vegetable oil, less inclined to clog pores than coconut, eg, grapeseed or jojoba.  This combination of oils will remain liquid.  Before you go to bed massage a small amount into your face.  Both oils have a reputation of being an aphrodisiac, so please be


Lavender, Gardenia, Jasmine, Rose & Vanilla


Mix Sandalwood, Rose, Lavender, Franincense and Basil.  Mix of few drops of each oil to a carrier/base oil and use as a massage balm.  This combination of oils possesses meditative properties and arouses the senses, creating harmony to stimulate the body mind and spirit and encourages sexual desire and performance. 
Legend - Cleopatra conquered the Romans with her aromatic perfumes and Bathsheba seduced King David with her perfumed baths.

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